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roof underlays mdm Ventia

Mdm®Ventia Xtreme 300 underlay membrane


Extremely durable, four-layer underlay membrane with reinforcing mesh is characterized by very high mechanical strength and high vapor permeability (a coefficient of Sd = 0,02 m). The functional layer is a microporous PP film.

Basis weight: 170 g/m².

The additional fourth layer (reinforcing mesh) improves the safety of work of a roofer.

The membrane is also available with stripes of adhesive already put during the production stage.

Possibility to use on roofs with full boarding YES
The acceptable exposure to UV* rays
concerns the average annual exposure to radiation in the Central-European climate
3 months
More information in the product technical sheet.


Polypropylene unwoven cloth reinforced with mesh, and joined with polypropylene microporous film.


Length: 50 m
Width: 1,5 m

quantity per pallet:

Dimensions of pallet: 1540x1170x1200 mm
Quantity on pallet: 2025 m²/27 rolls