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ridge area

BR-Vent rollable ridge vent


Rollable ridge vent providing a high level of ventilation between a roof covering and the upper roof parts (thermal insulation). Made of technical fabric with very good diffusional properties which easily enable the airflow under the roof covering.A special design provides a good protection against water and dust. It can be successfully usedin the hips area as well.


Two strips of 0.14 mm thick corrugated aluminium, glued and sewn to a technical fabric together with threads resistant to environmental factors; butyl glue strips applied to the edges on the bottom side


Roll length: 5m
BR-Vent width: 300 mm, 390 mm

quantity per pallet:

Quantity per pallet 80 x 120:
BR- Vent 300 - 720 m (24 packs / pallet)
BR-Vent 390 - 600 m (20 packs / pallet)

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302110060600dark brown80196
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